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Latest MCBuffalo News



Jetpacks are the new way to fly in survival. Instead of the traditional /fly method, jetpacks will require fuel to operate. The better the fuel type the longer the jetpack will last. If you run out of fuel mid-flight you will fall to the ground and take damage, so make sure you take enough fuel to last the journey.

There are currently 4 types of jetpacks:

  • Coal – Royalty/Premium Rank (Coal Dust to craft/operate)
  • Redstone – Veteran/Elite Rank (Redstone Dust to craft/operate)
  • Glowstone – Immortal Rank (Glowstone Dust to craft/operate)
  • Solar Powered – God Rank – (Quartz Dust to craft/Does not use resources for fuel)

To craft the jetpack put a pristine iron chestplate in the middle of a crafting table and surround it with the fuel type you will use.

To charge the jetpack you must equip it and right click with the fuel source in your hand. In order to charge the Solar Powered Jetpack you will need to create a charging station (can be seen in the photo below). The Solar Jetpack will only charge during sunlight.

recipe for jetpack

Open Minecraft and connect to MCBuffalo with:
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