Creative is a sandbox-like server where you can freely build your creations and show it off to your friends! You spawn in with /gamemode 1 and are allowed to build on your plot with all your favorite blocks. Or just have fun with your friends! Note: Inappropriate builds, as well as griefing is not allowed. These actions will result in punishment.


All players have access to one plot in the main world. You can obtain a plot with /plot auto, or /p auto. For other useful plot commands type /plot help in-game


World edit is a plugin that helps you build large structures/plots in little time! You can vote for 1 hour access to world edit commands with /vote. You can also find all the commands for world edit at /warp worldedit. Donating for the Elite rank or higher will grant permanent world edit access! Redstone is disabled by default, but you can vote for 1 hour access as well


You can spawn in pieces of furniture to help give life to house interiors and/or use as decoration for your builds! Type /furniture to bring up the furniture GUI. There’s a limit of how much furniture you can have in each chunk (to prevent lag)


You can now use the commands /heads to easily spawn in a bunch of unique player heads for building nice things at a “micro” level! With an easy to use GUI. Just click on the head you want and it will put that head of your choice in your inventory! You can also use /skull [ign]to get player specific heads


Freebuild is a flat land world where you can truely unleash your creativity. You are not limited by the size of plot but rather your imagination. You must be citizen or higher in order to access. You can access it by typing /warp freebuild in-game.

Open Minecraft and connect to MCBuffalo with:
Server Address