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Creative is a sandbox-like server where you can freely build your creations and show it off to your friends! You spawn in with /gamemode 1 and are allowed to build on your plot with all your favorite blocks. Or just have fun with your friends! Note: Inappropriate builds, as well as griefing is not allowed. These actions will result in punishment.


All players have access to one plot in the main world. You can obtain a plot with /plot auto, or /p auto. For other useful plot commands type /plot help in-game

Survival Games

World edit is a plugin that helps you build large structures/plots in little time! You can vote for 1 hour access to world edit commands with /vote. You can also find all the commands for world edit at /warp worldedit. Donating for the Elite rank or higher will grant permanent world edit access! Redstone is disabled by default, but you can vote for 1 hour access as well

Mob Arena

You can spawn in pieces of furniture to help give life to house interiors and/or use as decoration for your builds! Type /furniture to bring up the furniture GUI. There’s a limit of how much furniture you can have in each chunk (to prevent lag)


You can now use the commands /heads to easily spawn in a bunch of unique player heads for building nice things at a “micro” level! With an easy to use GUI. Just click on the head you want and it will put that head of your choice in your inventory! You can also use /skull [ign]to get player specific heads

Open Minecraft and connect to MCBuffalo with:
Server Address