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Our parkour server has over 20 courses ranging in difficulties from easy to extremely hard. Players are able to compete to get the best time on each course, this is sure to bring lots of hours of frustration

20+ Courses

Easy: There are 6 easy courses, which range in rewards from $25 to $225

Medium: There is also 6 medium courses, which range from $300 to $750

Hard: If you have what it takes to complete the easy and medium courses why not give hard a try, there are 9 courses in total which range from $875 to $2100

Adventure: If you played our original Parkour you’ll remember this course, which makes a return. However there is another course in adventure, which is without a doubt the hardest course there is, it’s the same adventure course but without checkpoints. If you have what it takes you might also win the competition that’s running for this course.


What better way to play Parkour than to show off how good you are, do you have what it takes to be on on there? Head over to the leaderboards page and see if you can come in first on each course.


Something we’ve added to the parkour server is gems which can be unlocked by completing courses, the easier the course the less rewarding it will be. You can use your gems to buy a plethora of different cosmetics.


We always run competitions on this server, for a list of current ones see below:
» Complete every course (not including Adventure 1) : £5 Store Voucher! (Completed)
» Complete Adventure1Extreme : £5 Store Voucher!

Open Minecraft and connect to MCBuffalo with:
Server Address