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Hacks and how to identify them

Discussion in 'Guides and Tutorials' started by Sanya9, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. Sanya9

    Sanya9 New Member

    Hello everyone!

    Many people have noticed the amount of hackers on Mcbuffalo/ Rather sad that that many people want to ruin the game, but there's another problem- us. If we report every hacker we see, than almost all of them would be gone! This is a guide that shows you how to identify what's a hack and what's not- so that way in the future, we can help "stop" the problem of hackers.

    What is a hack?

    A hack is basically a cheat. It gives the player with the hack the ability to do certain things that other players cannot, thus giving them an advantage. For example, there are hacks that let you fly. There are hacks that let you click 100 times per second. There are all types of hacks, and the common ones are listed down below.

    Hacks are against the rules on pretty much every server- I only know one where hacks are allowed. Hacks often come in packages called "Hacked Clients." These hacked clients have many hacks that allow the user to do many things, giving them an overwhelming advantage over every other legit player, which is pretty much why they're not allowed.

    Types of hacks and how to identify them

    Listed below are types of common hacks and how to know if someone is using them. This does not include all of them- as there are hundreds, maybe thousands of hacks- but the ones that you will most commonly see on the server.

    Force Field / Kill Aura
    This is probably the most common, and most hated, hack on the server. Sometimes it automatically hits any target within normal melee range, which is 3.5 blocks, however some clients extend this to 4.25 blocks. Sometimes the player needs to be swinging his sword, but still not looking at the player, and the player still needs to be within 3.5-4.25 blocks away from the player with the hack. However, this hack is very easy to spot. If you see the player hitting you while not looking at you or actually hitting with you, they're probably using FF/KA. If a player is hitting two targets at the same time, they are using FF/KA.

    Again, this is one of the most common hacks you will see on any PvP server. This allows the user to automatically hit any player within melee range when they swing their sword. This is harder to spot, because just when they're hitting the player, the user with Aimbot turns automatically to their target. The way to spot this is by a "Head-snap." This happens at 1 frame- extremely fast. It is very hard to spot.

    This hack is very simple- it allows the user with it to fly around just like in Gamemode 1. Not very common because it is so easy to spot, but you'll still see fly hackers every once in a while. Lag can result in a player looking like they're flying, but the lag would have to be super extreme. I don't think an example is needed for this one. (Will provide an example if someone is unsure).

    Auto-Clicker is another commonly used hack on PvP servers. The problem is, it's (sometimes) very hard to spot. This hack allows the user to click up to 60 times per second, most commonly around 10-15 so it's not so obvious. Some people can "jitterclick," basically clicking at around 10 times per second by clicking really fast. If you see someone clicking at above 20 times per second, they're probably using Auto-Clicker.

    No Knockback
    This hack is not as common as some of the others, but you still may see it quite a lot. It's very simple: it allows the user to take no knockback at all from any hit, even is the sword has Knockback X. Fairly easy to spot, however sometimes lag can make it seem- just for a little- that someone is using the No Knockback hack.

    This hack may not be as common as some of the others, but the thing is, it's really hard- almost impossible- to spot and get undeniable proof. This hack allows players to see through certain blocks and only see others. For example, a user with X-Ray could turn on "Diamond Only" mode and they'd be able to see all the diamonds under their feet. They can also do this with "Man Made Blocks" which allows them to see things that other users have placed. How you spot this hack is if you see a player digging straight down, and right where they mine is diamonds- chances are they're and X-Ray user.

    If I see a hacker, what should I do?
    First of all, what you don't do is yell "hacker!!!!!11" in chat. Why? Because A) It doesn't do anything and B) Because they may turn of their hacks after that. What you do is you tell record them or gain another form of sufficient evidence, and report them.

    How do I record a hacker?
    There are many recording softwares out there- however the best one seems to be Bandicam. You can install it and use it with the press of a button, and you can take videos up to 15 minutes with the free version (I think). There is a also a little watermark, however for reporting hackers that should not be a problem.

    Link to Bandicam:

    I hope this guide on hacks helped! If you feel I left anything out, please let me know and I'll add it as soon as possible. I know that there are many hacks out there- however I only stated the most common ones you will see on servers. If you would like me to add some of the rarer hacks, I will- but I feel this guide served its purpose. As always, thanks for reading!
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  2. lulekrigaren

    lulekrigaren New Member

  3. XRageAndLoveX

    XRageAndLoveX New Member

    Woah! That's a load of detail and a very informative guide, thanks for posting! :)

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