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Waiting mattho789 mod application no.7

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by mattho789, Sep 19, 2015.

  1. mattho789

    mattho789 New Member

    MCBuffalo Moderator Application:

    Have you read this thread:

    What is your in-game name? - mattho789
    Have you changed your name in the past? If you have, please list them. - N/A
    Does anyone else have access to your Minecraft account? - yes, but I can make sure they don't go on the server.

    How old are you? - 14 years old (scratch that... 15 after 27th,)
    What time zone are you in? - GMT (London time zone)

    What is your experience with moderating servers, if any? - this will be my first time,
    What will you provide to the community if you are provided moderator status? -I will make sure all people's needs are catered to, I would make sure every person would have equal rights, I would make sure people who try to jeopardise the server are swiftly dealt with in a way so it would not electronically jeopardise them, but make them realise what they were doing was illegal according to the server's rules.

    Have you ever been banned on a Minecraft server? If so, why? - I have never been banned, I am a good player,

    When did you first join MCBuffalo? - approximately 981 days ago,
    How active do you consider yourself on MCBuffalo? - I consider myself to be, semi active, I want to get on the server but for some reason or another, I can't make it on,
    Which server are you most active on in the network? - factions...
    How many hours can you provide a day and during what time frame? - well Monday, Tuesday and Friday, (hopefully) 4 pm, and Wednesday, 5 pm ( I have extra curricular stuff)

    What is your current rank? - demi-god
    Are you a donator? If so when did you purchase? - 19/4/14 09:57

    What would you do if someone breaks a rule in-game? - I will make sure they are swiftly dealt with and if I need to, I will kick them, simple as that,

    How many MCBuffalo staff applications have you made before? - 6

    Anything else we should know? - nothing else that is relevant to the application
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2015
  2. BlueSkies

    BlueSkies Ex-Staff

    Great application!:)
  3. mattho789

    mattho789 New Member

    thanks blue,

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