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Staff Applications (all servers)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Sanya9, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. Sanya9

    Sanya9 New Member

    In my opinion I see lots of people applying for staff applications on the forums. But all these people are rarely on, I've not been very active recently I know. But I've scrolled through about 40 applications, there's a few people I've not seen for a while or are rarely on.

    I think alot of the applications should be declined. This server doesn't need anymore staff at the moment. The staff to player ratio is almost the same, it shouldn't be like that. There should be lots of players on.. But I've seen more staff than players recently, STOP BEING SO GENEROUS CHRIS! ;)

    I also think the age of the staff applications should be increased.. 15+ to make a staff application. The younger players do not know what to do when players start swearing and abusing each other. Then start raising their voices too and joining the arguments because they don't how to respond. Chris even had to add a swearing filter for the younger players because us older lot all have potty mouths.

    I also think, that the list of commands for staff should be taken off the website. If you're a member of a staff you SHOULD be using teamspeak or skype. (A private room on teamspeak for staff only) Vocal communication is very important for explaining to chris as to why you have temp banned/muted/kicked.

    If you're a member of staff you should also know the commands and shouldn't be looking them up on the website. I think chris or another admin (if there is one) should be training new potential staff, as part of their application. If you mess up, the admin/owner can still decline your application, you need to all be thrown in the deep end. You will learn over-time how to use your commands, but I've seen a few unfair calls on muting/kicking/temp-banning. - Hence why the staff application cap on players age should be increased. :cool:

    This like/dislike thing on the website can be easily abused for players, young players tend to talk to each other more because they don't understand the big wide world and are fearless of talking to new people over skype/teamspeak. (talking to strangers). But they can befriend randomers they don't know.. through skype and in-game and vote up each others staff applications because they think it'll give them more of a chance for mod.

    Note: I did make a staff application and I'm not writing all this because I didn't get accepted. I told Chris to decline my application because I was in a bad way and someone was probably more suitable for it than me at the time. :rolleyes:
  2. chris_61

    chris_61 Staff Member Server Owner

    I always deny apps if they haven't been on in at least 25 days and check every few weeks :)

    There is only one staff member at the moment, Killer.

    There is no dislike option for posts, it was removed about a month ago.

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